Most women love shoes. Shoes are not unlike a pair of earrings. Once you have the accessory, you can pick the outfit. Often, shoes are the first to buy! We buy for the occasion; we buy for the season; we buy because our feet love shoes!

Everyone who reads this today doesn’t get to experience the four season of weather: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. However, for those of us who are just getting off the snow train, we are ready for dropping the boots in the closet and springing free our Sexy Summer Shoes!


All winter long my feet have been covered in woolly soft socks and snugly warm boots. Now they want to peek their little toes out and take a look at the sunshine. These toes may even stroll along a tropical beach sifting through the sand or pedal down the boardwalk on a bicycle built for two. A nice evening stroll or a romantic dinner in Porto San Paolo, Sardinia might even be on the list of fun things to do now that the boots are tucked away.

The only problem is, have you looked at your feet lately? They have been tucked away in the dark all winter long, forgotten and neglected. I tell you what, now is the time for shaping up for your summer look.

Pedicure, massage, polish… bring it on! You might be thinking about toe rings, ankle bracelets, flowers and diamonds adorning the freshly painted toenails. What ever you do, make sure your feet are ready to dazzle the world. It’s time to dress them up. Your feet are now your new summer accessory.


How are you feeling? What is your Attitude of the Day? What color is your hair today? All these things matter when you decide which shoes you will be wearing. Oh, but, look at your closet. What is there that will make you feel fresh and sexy this summer. Or perhaps I should say cute and sassy!

I’m sure it is not the worn out weary flip-flops that you wore on your beach vacation from two years ago. Definitely it won’t be those tread worn running shoes from last years marathon. And, if you take a close look, the heels on your favorite pair of dance shoes need to be recapped. Nothing worse than a pair of scuffed up, broken down dance shoes. Looks like your closet needs a clean sweep. Out with the old and in with the new.

This is a new summer and a new you. Let’s go shopping!


Take some time to flip through some magazines while waiting in the Dr. or Dentist Office. Sitting in the Salon getting your highlights is the perfect time and place to grab a few style magazines. Take a good look at what is going on in fashion this season. Once you have a gist of what others are wearing this summer, you can make up your mind just what you want your style to be this year.

You might be earthy and vegan. There are tons of new shoes on the market utilizing this new slant on shoes. Vegan Fashion

shoes are ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials and, the most popular designers make cruelty-free, animal-friendly shoes.

You can find wedges, sneakers, slip-ons, platforms, and more for men, women and children at TOMS while olsen Haus, offers a great stiletto for a night on the town.

One of my favorites shoes comes from MATT & NAT. Their wedge sandal goes great with skirts, shorts, jeans, and Capri.

The main thing is for you to decide what style you are looking for. Don’t be put off by all the choices. You have a unique sense of who you are and the image you desire to present. Choose to be who you are and not who people expect you to be.

Match your shoes to your personality. Match your shoes to your mood. Match your shoes to your belief system, i.e. vegan. Whatever your choice make sure you make your feet happy.

Fun and Frisky

Nothing shows off your pretty toes better than a great pair of flip-flop sandals. I’m not talking about a beatnik, beach bum look, although if that is who you are, then it is all good. I was thinking more along the lines of “sequins” and “rhinestones”. Sparkle always dresses up a pair of denims and makes a really fun look for summer. It can be dressy or casual depending on your mood and the occasion.


June is the traditional time for weddings. Because of the romance associated with the event, I have always loved an innocent, vintage kind of shoe for weddings. However, everyone is different.

It doesn’t matter if you are the bride, bridesmaid, or guest, knowing that you are stepping down the isle in a great pair of romantic, sexy, comfortable shoes will make your day one of the best.

Finding a comfortable pair is most important as you will be standing at the alter, in the reception line, and dancing the night away. Remember, the shoes will make the day!


If you are reading this and you are still confused and lost as to what your style is, or how you can dazzle your sexy, then read on. You don’t have to make the decision. I have a great quiz for you. Just click here and take the quiz. Shop if you please.


Whatever image you apply to sexy summer shoes, is very individual. We all have our own personal style. Often we try to emulate others, whether they be fashion icons or just kids next door. Fitting in is not an uncommon wish. However, why not strike out and stand out with your very own style. Look for bright patterns. Try on something strappy. Paint your toes and show them off with a pair of rhinestone flip-flops! What ever your sexy is, dazzle ’em!

I would enjoy your opinion and conversation in regard to this article. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Get Happy Feet,

Miss Linda

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